Dec. 22, 1941 (Monday)

S.S. President Polk

Southwest most of the night. About 1500 miles off southern Mexico at nightfall, after going to do self again most of the day.

Stood a 4 1/2 hour watch from 0400 to 0800. Nothing sighted yet since SF. My damn feet hurt like hell after I stand on them for about two hours.

Had the second lifeboat drill at 0200 (the first one was held last (Saturday)) less confusion, plus added energy – occasioned no doubt by a suspicion that it was the real thing. Captain dropped around and urged the best possible drills, adding that the next few days will see one of our most dangerous periods (off the Panama Canal.)

Had a movie in the lounge after the drill – “The Light That Failed” – fairly good even for the second time.

Have a wonderful feeling of freedom, and the beginning of an entirely new stage of my life. At the moment I feel not the slightest regret at leaving behind everyone, and everything, I love.