Feb. 1, 1942 (Sunday)


Went up into the mountains about 40 miles from here to a place called Trétes. Went swimming at Villa Park — most beautiful swimming pool in the world, without exception. Fresh mountain water — perfect temperature. It’s possible see from the surface of the water for 300 to 400 miles in a northerly direction — one would probably see the mountains of Borneo on a clear day. Back of the pool were long terraces with shaded swings. Pendola and I had lunch there overlooking the pool and most of east Java. After my fill of swimming, we hired a pair of horses and rode through the countryside — rice paddies terracing the mountainside — native villages — little shops — everything very clean — little children, 2 to 4 years old, during their little jobs — usually consisting of sweeping — with a broom of feathers bigger than themselves. White solution (bleach?) on faces of most young women and girls. Men — and women — bathing in mountain streams. Saw beautiful waterfall (after a short hike back in new jungle) — a drop straight down into a rectangular pool from a thick growthed ridge about 400 feet above — long trailing creepers, flowers, mist from falls. Small native horses — tiny dynamos of energy. Ride back to magnificently green fields of rice — tree shaded road most of the way back to Surabaya. Shall certainly try to get up here there some more — cab fare was 10 guilders ($5.70) although the trip was not cheap — Pendola is too easy-going with money.