Feb. 17, 1942 (Tuesday)

Netherlands East Indies

Off-duty around 1030 after a night of heavy tropical rains.

Went to the Surabaya Zoo in the afternoon with Chay and Tommy Von Ouen and Odette. Incidentally, Odette’s maiden name was Saxton — her family (American) is quite well-known in Santiago, Chile. If I ever get down that way I shall certainly look up her family, as, if they’re anything like her, they would be most agreeable to know.

To get back to the zoo — we trotted around and quite enjoyed it all. A baby orangutan, attracted by Odette’s yellow leather shoes, crawled frantically after her, and when she continued to retreat from his advances, he beat his little fists against the pavement in a fury and wailed to the heavens. Finally she let him catch up, and he wrapped himself around her ankle in an ecstasy.

News just came in that we’re pulling out of here tomorrow. Can’t say I’m sorry. The only people I’m sorry to leave are Tommy and his wife.

Finished “Flotsam” — a little too tragic.