Feb. 6, 1942 (Friday)

Netherlands East Indies

Jim Hogan didn’t come back from his Balikpapan patrol yesterday. His last message said he was being attacked by “Zeros.” If he landed anywhere south of Balik — his chances of not being picked up by the Japs is good.

This morning Brownie went north on the same patrol. They have had no word of him since 0630 — so he’s either down or his radio is gone. Poor old Brownie — he liked some of the better things in life, too — however, his luck couldn’t last forever — and this outfit played it for all of it was worth. God, if we only had some of the airplanes instead of these death traps — B-26s and Airacobras. This squadron has over 100 pilots in it now, and about four planes left here and one or two in Darwin — forgot to mention that the Darwin outfit lost one yesterday too — off Ambon, which is another spot swarming with fighters.

Have develop some kind of fever this afternoon — very pleasant — cold chills and a knock-down, drag-out feeling. Also hurt my left foot during yesterday’s raid, how I don’t remember. Something must’ve dropped on it in that shop fire. Have to move to a new room, away from temple chants, sewage stink, and gorged mosquitoes.