Feb. 8, 1942 (Sunday)

Netherlands East Indies

Another raid today — heard that Tokyo radio said this will be the second Rotterdam — they’ll have to do better than than they been doing — however, again today they were all well up on us before the alarm sounded — their first run wasn’t to their liking. So they made another one! They had no fighter escort — and by gad, we didn’t send a single fighter up to oppose them! — I don’t get it.

Often wonder how Mom, Dad, and John are coming along. Will try to phone them one of these days. But what is their address now?

Am getting over my fever. Doc says it was caused by mosquitoes — “dengue” fever it’s called. The mosquitoes are truly terrific here. All the rooms in town have little lizards that run around on the ceilings and eat bugs — I wish there were more of them — they’re only fault is they are not housebroken and you’re liable to get little mementos anywhere.

There’s a very charming Chilean girl here — married to a very nice “Anglicized” Dutchman. She, and her sisters, know Bobbie Blatt, when he was in Chile skiing. She reminds me of good old U.S.women — these Dutch girls are cyphers — the half-castes are much better, but don’t speak English.