February 21, 1944 (Monday)

Piva Field, Bougainville

Took Admiral Halsey, Admiral Fitch and the staff officers around Bougainville this morning. Took a good look at all the Jap held areas – Shortlands, Ballale, Kehili, Kava, Kieta, Numa Numa, Bonis, Buka, and return to Piva. Encountered no aircraft nor AA. 

Drummond Thompson, Lieut. RAN, and formerly owner of the Numa Numa plantation, met his former “boss boy” today after a two-year separation. The boss boy has been hiding in the hills from the Japs, who were most anxious to catch him, since he was responsible for the East Coast whites being warned of the coming of the Japs. He escaped their clutches during the diversion provided by a crashing PBY off the coast. 

The Japs are planning a big push in the “Perimeter” about March 1st, according to two or three voluntary prisoners who recently walked into our lines — an extraordinary event in itself.