March 2, 1942 (Monday)

Indian Ocean

It’s getting damn cold – most of the fellows have been in the tropics for years and they noticed it the most. They have only a few bits of khaki tropical clothing left of what were once fairly complete wardrobes.

Heard that the old Pecos picked up the Langley survivors, south of Java, and was herself torpedoed a short while later, dumping all those poor fellows back into the sea again – God knows what’s become of them.

The Japs have landed on Java and are making headway! Wonder what’s to become of all those friends of mine left there on that island, whose fall is only a matter of time. There’s Tommy and Odette Von Ouen, Ben Kruys, Dr. Wassel, Jack Salisbury, and all those Army P-40 pilots. God knows what’s to become of John Riley and Hank Harris.