March 26, 1944 (Sunday)

“Cactus,” Carney Field, Guadalcanal

Went over to Carney this afternoon to see how the “24” was progressing. Looks as though it will be a day late, which however is still damn good. That unit (Army 29th Service Group Engineering) has plenty to do taking care of 56 B-24s, and they’ve leaned over backward to help us. Have always had a high regard for the Army Air Corps which has labeled me around here as “pro-Army.” Would certainly give my last penny to get a transfer to the Army’s 14th Air Force in China. 

Despite any commitments made during my last trip to the states, I’m determined not to return again until the war is over. My next job is going to be either with NATS or with India or China. To hell with the U.S. in wartime.