March 31, 1942 (Tuesday)

San Francisco

Forenoon saw us push through a drizzly fog into San Francisco Bay. Can hardly believe I’m back here. Certainly covered a lot of ground in a short time.

Went ashore in the early afternoon, registered at the St. Francis, my old favorite, and bumbled up to Com 12 to join the boys in line. Were told to stand by until the bureau released the “hot dope” on what is to become of us.

Called Gram and found she had just returned from a sanitarium – rest cure. She thought I was John at first. John’s in the army, Dad’s in the paint business, Mom’s in the hospital for an operation, and I don’t know the addresses of any of them.

Went out to Pete Strub’s for dinner. He and Adele have a three-month-old baby. Makes me feel like an old bachelor.