November 1, 1942 (Sunday)

Barbers Point NAS

Into town on my day-off this afternoon. Water off Waikiki was foul and full of oil due to south (Kona) wind. Pretty dirty swimming.

Heard later in the evening from a pilot just back from the Solomons that the boys are having a pretty rough time down there. That report on 14 September from a patrol out of the Solomons announcing the sighting of two battleships and seven carriers was originated by Gimber!  The “carriers” all proved to turned out to be destroyers. Untold trouble was caused by this fake report. Because of it, the Army lost a couple planes, etc. Rothenburg has made a few more torpedo attacks at night. Long has seen action. Odell was made “chief beach inspector” for the Solomons with his PBY-5A. Quinn has done well. No special word of Lyle or Jackson.