October 15, 1942 (Thursday)

Barbers Point NAS

Superb breakfast at the hotel. Say goodbye to Phil Dostal, who is going to the Southwest Pacific. Went down and had my picture taken for the first time in five years. I hope they turn out better than the last ones.

Drop into Gumps and bought Mom a turquoise clip, handcarved in China, for Xmas. A very pretty little thing that should go very well with her other jewelry. Cost $50. While I was there, I asked to have another look at my blue jade bracelet. It fully justified my purchase and as I looked up from it, I found Major Elliott Roosevelt also looking at it with a very interested expression on his face. He immediately asked the salesgirl if he he could see some more of their jade bracelets. He won’t find one like mine in a long time.

Rode “home” (temporary term for BOQ Barbers Point NAS) in the Ewa bus with its usual load of Orientals packed in tight around me.