October 20, 1942 (Tuesday)

Barbers Point NAS

Morning hop. Around the island. Tested Honeywell automatic flight gear — superb. Makes flying a dream. Complaints from the big shots about my long landings — I agree. I’ll have to shorten them up by landing at a lower speed. Have been landing at about 110, I’ll try 95 for a while.

Into town this afternoon. Barbara Thompson pulled the doublecross on me again (the fourth time!). She was inexcusably absent from home after having invited me up to see her. She is undoubtedly either the dumbest or the rudest girl in the Islands — I suspect the former, however I’m cured for all time.

Stayed overnight at the Halekulani and made arrangements to share a bed with Jones in one of the cottages by the month. Jim Vandermade and Charlie Dwight (Lt.JGs) rent the cottage for $200 a month and need to fill in the places vacated by Phil Dostal and Ken — (Southwest Pacific on the S. Carolina). So for $25 a month apiece, Wally and I will have a bed and a place to go when we go into town. Not much chance of an argument over the bed as we don’t get off on the same days. Pretty lucky arrangement as the hotel is very popular and undoubtably the nicest in these islands.