October 26, 1942 (Monday)

Barbers Point NAS

Back into town on regular liberty — what a way to fight a war! But, I might as well have my fun while it’s possible, because the nights will be long and dreary when we finally reach “Tonga-taboo.”

Navy department acknowledged the loss of the carrier Wasp in the Solomons on the 15th of last month (that hot dope I picked up on the 14th must’ve been right). That leaves us with the Ranger (in the Atlantic, and no good anyway due to lack of armor), the Saratoga (a jinx ship), the Hornet, and the Enterprise. Not many left to lose. A few more should convince the U.S. that possibly Seversky is right and maybe carriers are out of date and a waste of money. $23 million worth of ship is a hell of a lot to lose to a couple of relatively cheap ($6,000) tin fish launched by some plane or sub. It’s been happening too often to be mere coincidence.

Had Patu Hedemann down at the hotel for swimming and dinner, after which I sent her home.