September 11, 1942 (Friday)

Ford Island, Pearl Harbor

Back to the Island with “Stack” Glanz and “Gibby” Gibson in the morning. Laid low all day. The squadron is no longer a decent place to go to since that famed “horses ass,” Schoenweiss,  came back and became the exec. Incidentally, Moffett has definitely become skipper. Cmdr. Day has been given a post in the Aleutians, while the rest of our squadron is still reported to be returning — “any day.”

Called the hospital this afternoon to find out about Cooper (who had left) and found out that my friend Joe Riley was over there. When I asked Miss Albers, who answered the phone, what was wrong with him, she answered that he was “dizzy.”

Upon pressing for an explanation, I was told I’d have to come over and see for myself — which I did. Poor Joe’s equilibrium equipment in his ears is all shot and slight movement of his head makes him lose his balance and fall down. What a hell of a thing to ever happen to a fellow whose main loving life is flying! The doctor attending him says it can be cured — but, he still may be surveyed.