Dec. 10, 1941 (Wednesday)

Santa Clara

Went to town (S.F.) and reported in to Cmdt. 12 Naval District, and after some argument I was put on the receiving ship at Goat Island.

If only my uniforms had been here I could have gone South and reported in at Long Beach and thus have seen Mom and Dad, Lloyd and Mell, possibly Noje, and also Janet Michaels and Betty Hines. But now it looks as though I’ll be stuck here until my ship lifts anchor.

Brought a load of old uniforms to town to sell, and after some difficulty, left them with a fellow near the Army Navy YMCA to sell for me. I put a minimum of $90 on them, which is about $50 more than I could raise through any second-hand joint. Left my officer’s overcoat, “P” jacket, and 4 suits of blues (2 new, 2 used) with the fellow.

Had dinner at the Fly-Trap with Aunt Elizabeth and Estelle. Lizzie’s poor maid Suiko (Japanese) is afraid to go out on the streets alone. Too bad. A lot of the Japs are better Americans than some whites.

Stopped at Stanford and saw Eleanor Watson.