Dec. 11, 1941 (Thursday)

Santa Clara

Drove to town early with Peggy’s husband, Bob Greco. He seems like a pretty good kid, despite all I’ve heard to the contrary. Went to war with Germany & Italy.

Went over to the Receiving Ship at Goat Island and checked in. Was instructed to call in twice a day, and be prepared to leave for Manila at a moment’s notice.

Went back into town and wandered around. Drifted into Newbegins and saw a lot of books I’d like to have — as usual. Wishing for things is one of the relatively unrecognized joys of life — life wouldn’t be half as much fun if we had all we wanted.

Went to see Hedy Lamarr in “H.M. Pulham, Esq.” — a very fine picture. Lamarr is certainly a gorgeous, essentially feminine creature. She is very, very much like Betty Hines, in San Diego, or vice versa. But in both of them I find their general expression and smiles exquisite.

Noticed that the Matson liners in the bay were being painted grey — too bad. Blinds on the train home were all drawn down.