Dec. 12, 1941 (Friday)

Santa Clara

Sat around Gram’s all day and played records — was like a shot in the arm. Got a beautiful medal from Claire.

Peggy and her baby came over in the afternoon. A cute little kid — Peg seems to have the makings of a good mother.

Mom telegrammed that she “would be at home” this evening in case I “cared” to call.

Had a blackout from 8 p.m. to 1030. Damn near fell down the stairs a few times. Bop was like a cat on a tin roof.

Called Mom after dinner and blackout — was rather disgusted to hear her self-pitying tone of voice. She said that she thought that the reason I wasn’t coming south to see she and Dad, was that I really didn’t want to! — Oh god!

Feel sorry for Mom and Dad — their life is so empty — they have nothing within themselves to tide them over these times of trouble.