Dec. 19, 1941 (Friday)

S.S. President Polk

Ship headed out to sea at 3 a.m. and immediately on passing through the gate it started to roll very heavily. Had difficulty staying in bed — solved partially by wedging a pillow between myself and the edge.

Most of cabin mates felt pretty bad by breakfast time — Pendola rushed right up and put it down the toilet. (Other roommates are John Riley and Jack Salisbury.)

Later in the morning I went up to the barbershop and had my hair chopped off short – it’s healthier and less trouble.

Ship is out of sight of land and headed due south. We are not going to stop in Honolulu, but are headed direct for Manila, via the South Seas and southern Australia.

Am reading Theophile Gautier’s “Mlle de Maupin” – A bit overly wordy and flowery – but interesting – (very, in spots).

Total blackout of ship began at desk – caught us all unawares. Ran into people three or four times and once damn near hung my eyeball on a soldier’s gun.