Dec. 20, 1941 (Saturday)

S.S. President Polk

Ship still headed due south. Seas lighter – no rolling. Weather clear. Making about 18 kn. About 400 miles off the coast of lower California.

Roommate seem to have recovered – all ate well. We spent most of her time in our bunks – sleeping or reading. The books I brought are perfectly rather popular – especially the adult version of Arabian nights.

Hubbard, (a rather bullshitty j.g.) broached the subject of our standing assistant OD watches. The idea was received rather coldly, as most of us naval officers nine in all (12, counting MDs) feel he is interested only because it’ll look good for him.

Heard that two freighters were torpedoed near San Francisco this afternoon! One off Santa Cruz and one south of Eureka! If a torpedo ever hits this thing there won’t be a trace left. We are practically a floating airplane bomb!

Heard that the reason the ship rolled so is that the Army, who loaded it, would not take any advice as to the best disposition of weight on this type ship. Typical army or navy stunt.