Dec. 24, 1941 (Wednesday)

S.S. President Polk

Ship is still loaded with about 55 new P-40Es, tons of bombs and ammunition, and atop all, four Douglas DC-2s. Climbed atop the foremost DC-2 yesterday and replaced the window covering over the pilots cockpit – a precarious perch on the high winds and heaving seas.  We were afraid the bare window would pass a reflection.

Spent the last four nights after dinner abaft the stack – it is the uppermost deck and affords the best view. Some sing and others are content to lie on their backs and watch the stars. The moon is at half, and very bright, and the breezes are balmy in excess. It’s truly beautiful, and makes it hard to believe that the whole world is possessed of a murderous frenzy, and that there are little yellow people seeking to encompass our destruction – ship, crew, and passengers.

Finished reading a thoroughly delightful book – Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”