Dec. 25, 1941 (Thursday)


S.S. President Polk

Crossed the equator last night around midnight, at about 2,700 nautical miles off Ecuador – still almost due south of S.F.

Xmas on the equator – seems strange. Had eggnog (4) at 1100.

Held shellback party at 1500 with Ens. Stuart as King Neptune and an Army sergeant as Queen Neptunia — complete with grapefruit breasts and cherry nipples — plus a seductive swing of the hips. Held initiation at the side of the swimming pool, which the captain allowed to be filled for this particular event. I was one of the initiated (five prisoners in all) and was accused of pissing in the ocean. The queen sentenced me to be pissed on and thrown in the pool – the former sentence being pantomimed. Guards wore jockstraps, tin hats, and pistols. Swam around the pool till it was emptied (the swing of the ship produced a regular surf in the tank.)

Finished off with big Xmas dinner, complete with decorations.