Dec. 26, 1941 (Friday)

S.S. President Polk

Rumors fly thick and fast around the ship. This morning the word was around that Manila had fallen to the Japanese – subsequently proven false. The captain has issued a request there be no more rumor mongering. Our steward has, to my knowledge, twice started, or assisted in starting, some of these rumors. Axis trouble?

Went up on the uppermost deck this morning and took a sunbath with Riley and Salisbury. Riley quit early, while Salisbury, stayed with me and got himself well cooked. He looks like a boiled owl. As usual, it didn’t affect me at all, although I did get a bit reddish.

We truly have about the best cabin on the ship and have been giving our air conditioner a workout – it retaliates by leaking in secret places – so as to confound us. A good part of the rug is thoroughly soaked.

Wakened Pendola this morning with a glass of ice water on his groin – what howls!