Dec. 3, 1941 (Wednesday)

New York

Called Central Aircraft this morning to see what progress had been made — just as I suspected — none — damn. Tried some ultra short wave heat treatment for these damn sinuses — I can feel the worst coming — the treatment is supposed to produce excellent results —  let’s hope so (especially at $2.25 a crack).

Took Marie to lunch at Lindy’s — they undoubtedly have the best food in town — after which we saw “Best Foot Forward” — with Rosemary Lane and an extremely young cast — an excellent musicale.

Left Marie at the Astor Bar with some friends and raced over to Louis Sherry’s to pick up Lorraine Manny for dinner and Olsen and Johnson’s latest screwball nightmare — “Sons of Fun” — it’s even whackier than “Hellzapoppin’” — if such a thing is possible.

Stopped in to see Hildegarde again at the Savoy Plaza before putting Loraine on her Larchmont train.