Dec. 4, 1941 (Thursday)

New York

Took another heat treatment. Went shopping on 5th Ave. Bought Claire a silver bracelet at Tiffany’s. Appropriate, with a large birdlike plane.

Ate dinner with George Denny and wife at TownHall club. After broadcast of meeting (Denny Huxley — thought he was off the air) met Mrs. Roosevelt (very nice), Margaret Bourke-White, Erskine Caldwell, and the son of the old German foreign minister, Stresemann — the young fellow was quite interesting — he works for Chase National.

Trotted over to Larue’s a little after twelve to say good-bye to Marie. She was in top form. Sat with Pat Donnelly, and the producer (Georgie Hale) of a show she’s working in — something opening in a week or so with Jessie Matthews & Mischa Auer. Champagne & caviar. Left Larue’s after three and went to Copacabana and El Morocco. Ate raw meat for breakfast at Reubens. Drove around Park with Marie and had a good final scrap — too bad. I like the kid a lot, but goddamn, she is hard to understand at times. Except for the ending, it was a most pleasant evening. Got back to my room after six a.m. Goddamn women!