Dec. 5, 1941 (Friday)

New York

Very heavy low fog over the town — newspapers tell of many auto accidents on the bridges and of ferry service being at a standstill. I feel the way the town looks. How I hate to go. The only place east of the Rockies that I truly love is this damned little island of Manhattan. God knows when I’ll ever see it again. If I ever have enough money, I’m going to spend three months here every winter — and the rest of the time in the desert — from one extreme to the other!

Called Central Aircraft; they said that the Navy Dept. has stuck it in them and the Chinese Gov. again by refusing to allow anyone but flyers just out of Pensacola to go — that’s legal murder. God damn the U.S. Navy!

Affected reconciliation with Marie via telephone — advised her to drop around to that place on Columbus Circle to have her cold cured. Told her I’d see her in two years.

Took 4:30 p.m. train for Chicago.