Dec. 6, 1941 (Saturday)


Arrived Chicago this morning and registered at the Palmer House. Called Claire — she apologized for having a house full of relatives and no place to put me — picked me up at noon along with Carol, who has blossomed out into a very cute young lady. We went to the C. (Chicago?) Athletic Club for lunch and after a bit of shopping stopped off at the Palmer House bar for an hour or so’s talk — to the accompaniment of changing colored lights and resultant complexion ranging from healthy pink to graveyard green.

Claire was delighted with the silver bracelet from Tiffany’s. She’s truly a wonderful kid. If it weren’t for this damned nomad life I’m leading, I’d marry her this minute. Our tastes are almost identical in every way — music, literature, religion, travel, philosophy, etc.

After dinner at the McCahey’s (?) (Mr. & Mrs. Miller were there — she’s a card) we went to the Misericordia Ball. (formal — I wore my uniform to Claire’s delight.) — it lasted till the wee hours.