Dec. 7, 1941 (Sunday)


Sitting in the McCaheys’ sun-room this afternoon we were jolted to hear that the Japanese were attacking Pearl Harbor! It sounded incredible — like something from one of Liberty magazine’s lurid stories. We were most excited as the realization that we were once more really at war came to us.

The Japs are certainly taking a gamble. BUT, how in the devil did they get so close to Honolulu, without us finding out — don’t we play war on Sundays?

The news cut short my visit. Reserved space aboard a United Airlines sleeper going west at midnight. Had dinner and went down to the hotel to pack my things. Mr. McCahey insisted on advancing me $150 for the trip. They certainly are a wonderful family.

Claire and Neitz took me to the airport. It was just starting to snow as I kissed them both goodbye. How I hated to leave them.