Dec. 31, 1941 (Wednesday)

S.S. President Polk

Last day of 1941 – it’s been quite a year. This day last year, I left Seattle, Washington, at 12 noon and drove straight through all night – to Palo Alto (7 a.m.) in a total of 19 hours, which is quite good. Was a little south of Medford, Oregon at 12 p.m.

This year has seen me at Alameda and home for five months, at San Diego for a month, at Norfork for two months, (one week in Bermuda), at Floyd Bennett for six weeks, then Norfolk again for six weeks, then finally New York to the south seas in Dec..

Went to bed about 10 p.m. forgetting that it was New Year’s Eve. Was jolted awake by the ships pitching in time to hear the ships bell strike eight bells and a good part of the passengers break into “auld lang syne.” Went outside for a while. Full moon.