Jan. 1, 1942 (Thursday)

SS President Polk

Position approximately hundred and 50° West, 35° South, course approximately 255° aboard SS President Polk headed for Wellington, New Zealand we think. High, thin, fog. Ship pitching moderately.

When out on fantail after breakfast and threw back to the trailing albatross through bread today trailing albatross. Their wingspread is about 10 feet and they are wonderfully graceful in flight, soaring and wheeling without a move of their wings. They have a They have a habit of making very steep turns near the water with one wingtip brushing the surface.

Rumor had it that one of the army officers had shot an albatross – it proved false – but as most of us had read Coleridge’s “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” we were rather angry – our position is hazardous enough as it is, without deliberately flirting with bad luck.

Washed clothes. Had New Year’s dinner – fillet mignon.