March 23, 1942 (Monday)

South Pacific

Passed Pitcairn’s Island 80 miles to starboard at 0200 this morning.

This ship, which left the U.S. last November 3rd, and was engaged in the thoroughly belligerent act of transporting British troops before Dec. 7, has, among other ports, touched at Cape Town, Aden, Colombo, and Singapore. At Aden and Colombo many members of the crew picked up excellent sapphires, diamonds, and other jewels. Wish I could’ve gone to Colombo – an excellent grade of Alexandrite comes from Ceylon – I’ve been trying for years to get a good one. Genuine ones are very rare in the States; Tiffany’s has had only one in the past two or three years, and that sold for $1,400. One should be able to pick up an excellent one for less than $500 in Colombo.