March 24, 1942 (Tuesday)

South Pacific

Am reading four books at once:

“The War in the Air Volume VI” – AJ Jones.

“The Zaca Adventure” – W. Beebe.

“Joseph and His Brothers” _ Thomas Mann

“The Hudson (Rivers of America series)”

These, beside a few quick skitterings through any light mysteries I find lying around.

When not reading, we sit in the lounge and listen to some of the adventures and opinions the war has produced among these officers who have seen it first hand.

Singapore, they say, was a farce. The British officers work only a few hours a day and then were off to the races, the crowds for which block traffic for miles. Every night was marked by numerous parties. The English officers arriving in the East were loaded down with golf clubs, tennis rackets, and complete wardrobes.

Also – attempted cooperation with the British Admiralty here in the East has been very difficult. The Admiralty has been thoroughly inefficient, especially in the matter of communications. Their coding system is antiquated, cumbersome, and insecure – also easily muddled.